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Kim Jung Hoon's 100th day!!!

Kim Jung Hoon celebrates his 100th day in the military and goes back home to visit family and friends!!

"Singer and actor Kim Jung Hoon is said to be having a vacation for his 100th day in the military. He met his families and friends and is said be looking over his 1st solo album.

Just before his vacation, he commented that, "I cannot believe it has already been 100 days" and that, "I realized the importance of his families and fans" on a phone conversation with his acquaintance. He also commented that, "Ever since I was in the military, I have started to have a liking for SNSD's Tae Yeon."

Kim Jung Hoon's related source revealed that, "He didn't have any interest in girl entertainers in the past but he changed ever since entering the military." "Kim Jung Hoon was very happy after getting a autograph of SNSD on a CD." "He even thanked the SNSD girls who wrote a lengthy message to him."

After finishing with an excellent record on basic military training, he even received the "best soldier award." He is currently on post, guarding the North Korea border line GOP in KangWonDeo ChulWon.

With the release of his 1st solo album recently on September 1st, he met his Korean fans after his UN activities for the first time since 3 1/2 years.

Man, who doesn't like Tae Yeon? And especially who in here wouldn't get happy after getting an autographed CD WITH a lengthy message? I would be more than happy that I got a autographed CD of SNSD itself."



On other news from CD Japan:

Secret Diary by John-Hoon Vol.1

Secret Diary by John-Hoon Vol.2

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